The Gradual Increase of Nazi Persecution of the Jews

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    Enabling Act

    The Enabling Act, or. “Law for Rectification of the Distress of Nation and Reich” was passed in the date 3/23/33 and was targeted toward the group of everyone in Germany, and its goal was to get everyone to vote for Hitler (Ew). The way that this was affecting everyone’s lives was because they were influenced to vote for a leader that is actually not going to do much good for them. This affected them by thinking that the leader is good for them and so they voted for them.
  • Boycott of Jewish Businesses

    The Nazi’s had a one day nationwide boycott for Jewish busnesses. They said that Jews that were Germans and other Jewish communities were
  • Education Law

    This law made it so Jewish students had to leave public schools and start attending private schools.This law made it so only 5 percent of the population in schools. This effected the jews by not making it so Jews really could not go to school and then they had go to private schools.
  • Burning of “Un-German” Books

    The germans burned books and controlling what the people read. including jewish holy book. And they only wanted to have pro nazi materal printed. This effected them by now one knowing what is actually happening.
  • Reich Citizenship Law

    This law identified who was jewish and who was not. Those with 3 or 4 jewish grandparents were considered jews. This law, along with the law for protection of German blood and German honor, institutionalized many of the racial theories and ideology of the Nazi Party. So then they were considered jews then even just related but not a Jew.
  • Kristallnacht Attacks

    there were shootings and explosions the nazi was shootings so the bomb explodes and the nazi didn't believe in religion and the nazi was shooting Jewish stores. Nazi was specifically aiming for Jewish st Stores. This affected the Jewish because everything they had was being broken or destroyed.
  • Evian Conference of Refugees

    In July of 1938 after germany annexed Austria many jews applied to immigrate to other countries outside of europe President Franklin D Roosevelt called a international conference to talk about the problem. Many Countries said they would not take jews or refuges and it would hurt their economy. So this made the jewish people feel like they were too weart good enough to go there country.
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  • Anti-Jewish Economy Law

    Jews could not own businesses, and if they did then they would have to sell them to an employee or Nazi supporter for a very low price. This affected them so they could work how they wanted to and give thare stuff to sell to a Nazi supporter.
  • First Kindertransport Arrives

    bring Jewish children to safety from nazi control so they were just taken into the hand of the nizi so they could get rid of them.
  • Alexander

    At the age of 34, Alexander was persecuted against because he was a jew in the soviet Army. so they were persecuted just because he was a Jew
  • Jewish Badge Introduced in Germany

    Jewish people because they are forced to wear yellow patches represent in the shape of the star. This affected them because everyone is knew if they were Jewish.
  • Fanny Orenbach Aizenberg

    She was born into a Jewish family and the prosecuted in a concentration camp.