The Gradual Increase of Nazi Persecution of the disabled people. By Olivia

  • The enabling act

    The official name is “The Law for Rectification of the Distress of Nation and Reich the purpose of this law was to create propaganda that makes Hitler look like a good leader, so that everyone votes for him to be the new chancellor for Germany. It showed persecution to everyone
  • Burning of “Un-German” Books

    Basically, what happened in this event is Hitler ordered all of the Nazis to burn all of the books, almost, because the only books considered to be okay were ones that were pro-nazi. Any book that was Anti-Nazi, Un-German, or published by a Jew were burned. persecution was showed to everyone in germany
  • The sterilization law

    The sterilization law they don’t want people that have physical or mental disabilities to have babies. It shows persecution because it wouldn’t let people with physical or mental disabilities have children.
  • Press Censorship Law

    They didn't want jews to work in the newspapers any longer. newspapers also could not publish any information that was against the Nazi party. Anyone who was found publishing anti-nazi material would be sent to a concentration camp. It showed persecution by mistreating people of germany
  • Hitler Becomes Fuhrer

    president paul von died. Hitler became president.Hitler got rid of the office and declared himself as the dictator.hitler could do whatever he wanted to do. This affected everyone in germany.
  • Reich Citizenship Law

    Jewish people could not marry non Jews. It was illegal for couples to be of mixed race. This showed persecution to everyone in germany who was a jew.
  • The Euthanasia Decree

    The Euthanasia Decree, also called the T-4 program, was sent out by Dr. Philipp Bouhler to all doctors and physicians to report any child under the age of three and kill them. The entire premise of this law was to rid the aryan race of any “financial or genetic” burdens in german society. His showed persecution because kids under the age of three to have a disability or not was killed.
  • Italy Declares War on Britain and France

    in june of 1940, the axis side declared war on great britain and france. By doing that Italy officially entered world war II. this affected everyone in italy
  • Axis Alliance Formed

    Explanation of this event:In september on the 27, 1940 the Axis alliance was formed with hitler in leed. the countries Japan and Italy sign the Tripartite pact ferst. later in the war Hungary, Romania,Slovakia, Bulgari and Crota later signed the Tripartite pact. This affected all people in axis countries
  • Germany Invades Yugoslavia and Greece

    Explanation of event
    Yugoslavia and greece were invaded by germany because germany wanted more land. But they didn't let the go in there country so that's why germany invaded them. This showed persecution because everyone of these countries there will be a mentally or physically disabled
  • Alfred wodl

    Alfred had a disability and went to a hospital and then was killed because of his disability and the hospital told his parents it was pneumonia.