The Gold Rush

  • Gold is first found in California!

  • Period: to

    The California Gold Rush

  • Polk mentions reports of gold in his inaugural address.

  • Sutter`s Mill sells lots near the river to miners.

  • Two gold nuggets as heavy as 25 lbs. were found in the American River.

  • California passes a law that makes miners buy a gold mining license for $20.

  • The recorded population of California is 90,000.

  • California becomes an official state of the United States of America.

  • The miners tax is repealed because of miner protest.

  • The current population of California hits over 250,000.

  • The mining gold law fee is brought back but decreases from $25 to $3.

  • The miners tax is raised to $6.

  • Hydraulic mining is used to loosen the sediment where gold might be, the excess water destroying farmland.