The Girl in the Green Sweater_Jasmine Choi

Timeline created by @jasminechoii
  • Escape

    A sewage worker finds Krysha's group when a Dr. Weiss lights a match when the worker is still there. This is a slight turning point for Krysha's family because they're forced to move into caves in even worse condition than the one they had to leave. It was a difficult journey for them, but Krysha was still so happy for no reason She is hopeful nonetheless of the fact that nothing is very good.
  • Final liquidation

    Final liquidation
    The night of the final liquidation was the time Krysha's parents recognized the intensity of the danger and that they had to move to the sewer chambers. This was a major turning point for Krysha because she had never experienced such horror and had not had to move into hiding in terrible conditions yet. Being young, things must've been very hard for her but she cluelessly went on. Without question she easily followed her father's lead showing her growth in maturity.
  • Feast of Corpus Christi

    Feast of Corpus Christi
    On this day, the churchgoers celebrated this feast and there were noises of ceremony and singing. Krysha was negatively affected and deeply saddened when she saw the difference between her life and the other children's. She was upset she couldn't have this kind of happiness and fun, and she ended up being depressed for a while.
  • Krysha's family leaves Poland for Israel

    Krysha's family leaves Poland for Israel
    Krysha's family leaves to Israel to improve their circumstance. This was a turning point for her family. They were able to enjoy somewhat normal lives after going through a time of torture. The environment and people took a little getting used to, but Krysha's long years of hope and struggle let her to the miracle of survival.
  • Socha's death

    Socha's death
    Although this was just a death of one of the hundreds of thousands that occurred, this one really changed Krysha's well-being. Socha had helped cure with Krysha's depression a while back, and Krysha had loved him so much. He was her light and hope, and he left a positive imprint on her. No matter what terrible things happen, we need to reminisce the good things in the past and have hope for whatever the future may bring.