The Geneology of the Diversity Center

By plustew
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    Diversity Center History

  • Coordinator for Minority Students (1970-1972)

    Larry Griggs was the hired as the first Coordinator for Minority Students.
  • Minority Affairs Coordinator (1972-1977)

    The name changes from 'Minority Students' to Minority Affairs'. Harold Gamble becomes the coordinator in 1972.
  • Minority Affairs Coordinator (1978--1984)

    Amadeo Tiam serves as the Coordinator for Minority Affairs
  • Minority Student Programs (1984-1985)

    The name changes to Minority Student Programs, but the position of coordinator is vacant.
  • Minority Student Programs (1985 – 1988)

    Phyllis Lane is hired to serve as the coordinator.
  • Minority Student Programs (1988 -1991)

    Stephen Smith is hired to lead the program.
  • Multi-Ethnic Student Services (Resource Center) (1991-1996)

    The name changes again and Christina Del Rosario is hired to lead the program.
  • Student Involvement and Leadership Programs (1996-99)

    Under another name change, services for minority students falls under the Student Involvement and Leadership Programs with Christina Del Rosario serving as the Affirmative Action Officer.
  • Student Involvement and Leadership (Multicultural Affairs) (2000-2007)

    Eva Frey Johnson takes over as the program coordintor for Multicultural Affairs.
  • Diversity Center ???

    Angie Z. Hambrick is hired to serve as the Director for the Diversity Center.
  • dCenter 10th Anniversary!

    The Diversity Center, under the leadership of Angie Hambrick, will celebrate 10 years.