The forest of hands and teeth; Carrie Ryan; fiction;310 pages

  • Chapter 1 pg. 1-10

    The start of the book is mainly about a girl named mary who has been washing clothes by a creek with one of her friends and shes been thinking about her mom. It then hits her when a siren goes off that, that she was supposed see her mom.
  • chapter 2 pg. 10-21

    Chapter 2 is mainly about the main character sitting by her mothers side as shes dying. Also it is about the guardian coming to take her mother away and thats where i ended. Pages read 10-25
  • chapters 3-6 pg. 24-52

    The chapters 3-6 are mainly about mary joining the sisters after her mom dies. Sister tabitha also really doesnt like her becuase she doesnt believe in god and if your gonna be a sister you have to believe. So they both go through some hard times while she is joining.
  • chapters 6-7 pg. 62-74

    Chapters 6-7 is about Mary trying to join the sisterhood still. It is hard for her becuase she doesnt believe in god so the sisterhood is gonna have a challenge trying to get her to believe.
  • Chapter 7-9 pg. 74-95

    This chapter is mainly about Mary was able to join the sisterhood so now she is apart of that. These chapters though still are like the same as the last chapters just that now shes in the sisterhood so things are different for mary now.
  • Chapter 9-13 pg.95-123

    These chapters talk about he unconsttrated and that there are many new ones who are trying to enter but the sisterhood wont let that happen. Also mary is going to the ocean becuase it was always her dream but to get there she has to go through the forest.
  • Chapter13-17 pg.123-157

    In these chapters it talks about mary was lying there in bed and then all the sudden the siren goes off so all the peaople go in to panicing searching for weapons or boarding up. There is also an unconstrated who attacks mary.
  • Chapter17-23 pg.157-209

    In these chapters mary is on the unconsentrated side of the fence and she heres a tons of noises but are they coming for her? Also with mary are her fiends they all are stuck on the otherside so they decide to try trace there steps back.