Healthcare reforms today and tomorrow part 1

The Flow of Reforms

  • Transcendentalist Era

    Transcendentalist Era
    Reform society in the belief that man should rely on himself rather than society
  • Abolitionist Era

    Abolitionist Era
    Reform society by attempting to abolish slavery
  • Period: to


  • Senca Falls Convention

    Senca Falls Convention
    Reform society in the issue of women's rights & suffrage
  • Free Soils Party

    Free Soils Party
    (Started in 1847, ended in 1851) Reform society by attempting to drag slavery into the new western territories of America
  • Temperance Movement

    Temperance Movement
    Reform society in the attempts to ban alcohol consumption due to the beliefs of the evil of alcohol. (First movement formed in Maine)
  • Radical Republicans

    Radical Republicans
    Reform society by opposing slavery & desiring to give the south harsh policies after the war
  • Populist Party

    Populist Party
    Reform society by representing farming & opposing banks & railroads
  • Labor Unions

    Labor Unions
    Reform society in an attempt to improve working conditions
  • Progressives

    Reforms to cure the sicknesses of society during the industrialization period