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The First Rock and Roll Song

  • First Rock and Roll Song Recorded

    First Rock and Roll Song Recorded
    The first rock and roll song is "That's All Right Mama" by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup. It was recorded by Arthur Crudup in September 6, 1946, but it was named "That's All Right " before it was rereleased in 1949.
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    First Rock and Roll Song Dates

    Timeline of the First Rock and Roll Song
  • That's All Right Mama

    That's All Right Mama
    He recorded an identical tune with different lyrics, “I Don’t Know It.” In early March 1949 the song was rereleased under the title “That’s All Right, Mama."
  • Elvis Presley's Version

    Elvis Presley's Version
    He made this version by fooling around with an up-tempo version of “That’s All Right Mama”, and Bill Black was on Bass and Scotty Moore was on guitar.
    Producer Sam Phillips asked to record them.
    Later, they recorded “Blue Moon of Kentucky” which is similar to “That’s All Right Mama”, and it was selected as the B-side to “That’s All Right Mama”
    Elvis Presley’s version (not Blue Moon of Kentucky) was officially released in July 19th, 1954