The first americans

By lwest
  • Nov 28, 1200

    who were the incas

    who were the incas
    The incaas were very good builders, lawmakers, and wrarriors. within 200 years the incan civilization had grown to include all of present day peru.
  • Nov 28, 1400

    how did exploration begin

    how did exploration begin
    during the 1400s several events had a great effect on exploration one event was th development of the compass.
  • Nov 28, 1513

    who explored on land

    who explored on land
    one of the first spanish explorers to go to the new world after columbus was juan ponce de leon. in 1513 he lead a group in search of gold and the "fountain of youth."
  • who were the pilgrims

    who were the pilgrims
    the pilgrims wanted to break away from the church of england completely. many of them fled to holland in western europe.
  • Who were the puritans

    Who were the puritans
    The puritans were a religious group. like the pilgrims they were unhappy with the way the king treated them. Many of the puritans were in a group called the parliament.
  • what were the navigation acts

    what were the navigation acts
    Great Britian decided to start enforcing the navigation acts that were passed between 1651 and 1673. The purpose of the acts was to regulate colonial trade.
  • How did the british prepare for war

    How did the british prepare for war
    in 1754 major general Edward Braddock was appointed commmander in chief of the british army in america. the british expected that war would break out any moment the fight would later be known as the French and Indian war or the Seven years war.
  • What fight did samuel adams lead

    What fight did samuel adams lead
    Samuel adams a member of the Massachusetts legislature, organized town meetings in boston. A group called the Sons of Liberty, first set up in 1765 to protest the stamp ac took charge of the city.
  • What was the Boston Massacre

    What was the Boston Massacre
    a crowd gathered near a group of british soldiers the crowd began throwing stones and snowballs at the soldiers. the soldiers then fired a round of shots into the crowd. the first to fall was w free African Cripus Attucks.
  • What did Benedict Arnold do

    What did Benedict Arnold do
    Benedict Arnold had fought in the battles of quebec and Saratoga. He had shown strong military ability and courage. General washington appointed him to command West point the strongest and most important fort in america.
  • What was the 1783 Treaty of Paris

    What was the 1783 Treaty of Paris
    Great britains control of America had been made stronger by the Treaty of Paris in 1763. This treaty established the new nations boundaries Canada on the the north the Mississippi River on the west and Florida on the south.
  • What problems developed with the spanish

    What problems developed with the spanish
    The spanish controlled Florida, New orleans and the land west of the Mississippi river. Because they could not use New orleans western settelers had to travel by land. THe united states was to weak to force the Spanish to change thier policy.
  • Who signed the Constitution

    Who signed the Constitution
    On sSeptember 17,1787 the delegates signed the Constitution with the hope that the states would approve it. The delegates work was done. It was up to the states to decide if the constistution was acceptable as the law of the land.
  • What agreement did spain and america reach.

    The spanish controlled the Mississippi river as well as New Orleans, which the americans needed for a trade route. Spain also controlled a section of Florida that the americans occupied. Surprisingly spain agreed to permit free Navigation on the Mississippi in 1795.
  • What happened in the election of 1800

    What happened in the election of 1800
    The election of 1800 was the frist real contest between Democratic - Republicans and Fedralists. although the Democratic - Republicans party was formed before before the election of 1796, its competition with the fedralist party did not develop until 1800.
  • what happened to the toltecs

    what happened to the toltecs
    beginning in a.d. 900 the toltecsled a strong civilization in the mexican highlands. experts believe that nomads took over the toltecs about 1200.