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  • Jackson's Birth

    Jackson's Birth
    Jackson was born on March 15, 1767. His parents were Andrew and Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson. They were Scots-Irish colonists , Presbyterians who had emigrated from Ireland in 1765. Jackson's father died 3 weeks before his birth. His mother made a difficult trip home from burying Jackson's father when he was born. So, the birth location was somewhere near North and South Carolina.
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    Andrew Jackson

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  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    This battle was to protect New Orleans and was the last battle in the war of 1812. The war was already over, but since news traveled slow, America did not know that the treaty was signed. "And they fought the night" written by Francis Scott Key who was the author of the national anthem. He was a captive on board a british ship when given inspiration to the song. The British left in the morning knowing that they would not win.
  • Election of 1824

    Election of 1824
    Andrew Jackson ran for president as a democrat in 1824. Jackson won the popular vote, but when the electoral vote came, nobody won. Henry Clay used his power to help John Adams win at the House of Representatives. After John Adams won, he appointed Clay Secretary of State. Jackson was outraged and claimed this election to be a "corrupt bargain".
  • Election of 1828

    Election of 1828
    Andrew Jackson's opponent was John Quincy Adams who was extremely easy to beat. Jackson got almost twice as many votes as Adams. Jackson believed in a term called the spoils system. by using this system he fired all federalists that were within his power. In return, he filled in those newly empty seats with democratic-republicans.
  • The Nullification Crisis

    The Nullification Crisis
    Andrew Jackson created the largest tariff in history which affected the South because they rely on the british imports. To make a living. South Carolina then nullified the tariff within their boundaries. Jackson would not allow it so South Carolina threatened to secede. Henry Clay came into the middle of it and made a compromise to lower the tariff if the state stayed.