The fasinating Evolution of Shoes!

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    The first shoes

    The first shoes
    Some of the first shoes were really simple sandals. Romans used sandals made from cork or wood soles. Hunters and soliders also used Buskin shoes. Theres no exact date but these were worn around 100 ce. I chose these because these are the oldest known shoes.
  • May 19, 1580

    Renniassance Period Shoes

    Renniassance Period Shoes
    Around this time the women started to wear more "fasionable" shoes. Catherine d’Medic introduced this type of fashion to France and it spread. I picked these because they are very intresting to the eye. This is not something you would see someone now wearing at all. They look crazy too walk in and it fascinates me how we have changed heels.
  • 16th century

    Around the 1500s people who were in the upper classes started the footwear trends. Only high class people could wear shoes. If you were poor you probably couldn't afford them. Maybe you weren't important enough to own shoes anyways. Shoes were strictly not for everyone.
  • Revolutionary Period

    Revolutionary Period
    During the Revolutionary period shoe laces were invented. Around this time ladies figured out how to wear cute soft shoes that arent as harsh on your feet. These shoes popular around the 1840s.I picked these because I think if I was alive back then I would try to wear these. They look really comfortable and look like they would have ben fashonable then.
  • World Wars

    World Wars
    I can see now around this time they started to make heels like this popular. They look a little more like something we would see now. The designs still weren't like we wear them now but they look a bit more normal. I picked these because this is when I noticed the heel was looking more modern.
  • Cold War time period

    Cold War time period
    Around this time I notice that people who create shoes were gaining more knowledge. This may look like something someone would wear now. Our wedges look a little different then this but these shoes still look really similar. The designs are getting prettier for my taste. I picked these because I feel like this time is where shoes started to become really tasteful.
  • 4000 BCE

    This is the time where there was evidence of foot covering. They are actually shoes but then they did need to protect their feet as well. They didn't have the technology and everything we do have to make actual shoes. There is just evidence in Ice Age settlements. You can say this is the start of the evolution of shoes.