The Evolution Of Youtube

Timeline created by AmberMazan
  • YouTube's Big Bang

    YouTube's Big Bang
    YouTube was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, three formal PayPal employees. This site allows users to view videos, upload videos, and share videos. There weren't many videos, and it was poorly made.
  • The Creation Of Videos

    The Creation Of Videos
    The first video ever posted was a 19-second shot of Karim at the San Diego zoo, that April. By November the same year, Youtube users were sending 8 terabytes of data across the internet every day. The equivalent to this would be the content in an entire Blockbuster store. Today, more is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days then all 3 U.S. television programs have done in 60 years.
  • YouTube Awards

    YouTube Awards YouTube awards were a way to formally recognize the most popular videos uploaded by Youtubers. The awards were organized to allow users to vote for their favorite videos and to choose which ones deserved special recognition. The videos to vote on are chosen upon staff, but the winning videos are voted on by users. The winners recieved a trophy, which is a stand with a large glass play button. This action allowed fans of these videos to interact with YouTube decisions themselves.
  • YouTube live streaming

    YouTube live streaming
    YouTube, yet again, changed the format of their website. It changed so that way "Most Viewed" and "Featured" are showed. This allowed easier access and allowed Live Streaming. YouTube live streaming was hosted by a variaty of YouTubers.
  • More Professional

    More Professional 2009, YouTube was updated to look more professional. YouTube started using Bubble Text, and created the "Home", "Videos", "Channels" and "Shows" tabs.
  • Browsing Button

    Browsing Button
  • Annotations

    The making of annotations are a way for YouTubers who upload their videos to say something that they might of forgotten, or even link to another video that you can watch.
  • Algorithm Change

    Algorithm Change
    In 2012 YouTube changed it's "Suggested Videos" algorithm to show more related video suggestions for viewers. Previously is was based upon how many people clicked the video, it then changed to how long a person watched the video for.
  • Content Art!

    Content Art!
    YouTube eliminated the customizable backround and replaced it with content art that automatically resizes depending on the size of the browser.
    Also, YouTube added Channel Trailers, which is for nonsubscribers to watch that plays on their page as soon as you click to their profile. This allows YouTubers to 'Brand' their channel.
  • YouTube And Google Split?!

    YouTube And Google Split?!
    Google is divorcing Google+ from other more popular services.
    This, although supposed to be a good thing, has caused people who comment in videos to be boosted to the top of videos only because they're active in the comments. This causes the same people who comment frequently in one video to be seen at the top of all.
  • YouTube Policy Changes

    YouTube Policy Changes
    For smaller gaming channels there will be little or no financial reward unless granted permission by the copyright owner. This will choke the content, and allow less videos to be posted.
    Those already partnered will be locked in contracts with offer no benifits but will be paying up to 50 percent of the earnings regaurdless.