the evolution of the piano julian

  • Mar 17, 1400


    The clavicord was most popular for three centuries late in the music of bach.The clavicord has a Quiet tone and is Quit small.In medieval times, the first instrument that looks like the piano was called the clavichord.The clavichord has brass strings struck with triangular metal pieces called “tangents.Hayden,Arnold and Dolmetsch from Germany madethe clavichord.The clavichord is brown and is the shape of a big rectangle.
  • pianoforte

    Players could controll soft and loud.Called pianoforte.The pedal was one of the keys to the success of the fortepiano, For it made the sound ring and resound in the room, giving a quality to the sound Bartolommelo cristofori made the pianoforte in Italy.
  • square grand piano.

    square grand piano.
    A german group espeicially Johannes Socher made the square grand piano.Germany put it together with the pianoforte and the rectangulr shape of the chlavichord.
  • piano of bethovens time

    piano of bethovens time
    During the 18th century they extended the keyboard.This piano had better pedals.Made in ausberg by Stein.Speicial pedals were often added to produce exotic efects.
  • upright piano

    upright piano
    The first upright piano was made.It was made in salzburg,Austria by Johann Schmidt._It has square legs and usually has tapered Sides.The piano has flat edges and a square shape.
  • the grand piano

    the grand piano
    The grand piano of today incorperates the best quality of early keyboard Alpheus Babcock made it in Hamburg.