The Evolution of the Latino Vote

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  • Voting Rights Act of 1965

    Due to the attention that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was getting, and all other forms of activism regarding racial discrimination, the Voting Rights Act was passed, which allowed citizens from all racial backgrounds to vote.
  • Presidential Elections 1988

  • 1992 Presidential Elections

    Although there were a total of 8.3% eligible voters, there was only a 5.1% vouter turnout.
  • 1996 Presidential Elections

    Over 250,000 undocumented latino immigrants became naturalized citizens this year. The latino voter turnout increased by 40% than the previous election.
  • 2000 Presidential Elections

    During these elections, both candidates sought out to win the Latino vote by campaigning in Spanish-Language media.
  • 2004 Presidential Elections

    A total of 58% of latino votes were given to the democratic candidate. There was only a 9.3% voter turnout in these elections, considering the 16.1% eligible voters.
  • 2008 Presidential Elections

    The percentage of eligibile voters increased by more than 3%, compared to the past elections, however voter turnout was less.
  • 2012 Presidential Elections

    Other than the presidential elections of 1996, this year's elections gave the democratic candidate the highest percentage in latino votes: a total of 71% in latino votes.
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