The Events of the Russell Street Bombing

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  • The Russell Street Bombing occurs, injuring 22 people, including 11 police officers.

  • Materials were transported to Materials Research Labatories.

  • $500,000 reward offered for information leading to the capture and conviction of the parties responsible for the Russell Street Bombing.

  • Many raids were carried out on the houses of the associates of Claudio Crupi.

    The car used in the bombing was a Brock Commodore. A man had reported such a car missing and a man called Claudio Crupi had been seen parking a car of this description in front of the Russell Street police station just half an hour before the bombing.
  • An anonymous caller, who had made numerous calls, made a final call. Local detective caught him and he was revealed to be Vladimir Rhychta, who was then charged with hindering a police investigation as he had no real information.

  • Constable Angela Taylor dies from her injuries received from the Russell Street Bombing. This was a sad event and made capture of the bombers paramount.

  • Taskforce detectives meet for a pre-raid briefing.

    Shortly after the Russell Street Bombing, a bank was robbed. A suspect in this was Peter Reed, so a raid was necessary. During the raid, Peter shot Sergeant Mark Wylie, but was shot twice in the stomach himself, then taken away.
  • Peter Reed recovered enough to be brought in for questioning. He was recorded by the media, screaming his innocence. He denied involvement in the bombing but was charged with the attempted murder of Mark Wylie.

    Fingerprints of small-time crooks, Craig and Rodney Minogue were found in Reed's house. Rodney's fingerprints were found on newspaper wrapped around gelignite from the same batch as the gelignite used in the bombing. The newspaper that it was wrapped in was the same newspaper that was wrapped around the surviving gelignite found in the bomb car. The Minogue brothers left town shortly after the bombing.
  • Peter Reed and his brother Steven Komiazyk were charged with the bombing of the Russell Street police station and murder of Angela Taylor.

  • The trial finally began against the Minogue brothers, Peter Reed and Stan Taylor, who had been the planner of the Russell Street Bombing.

  • The accused arrived to hear their verdicts.

    Stanley Taylor and Craig Minogue were found guilty of the murder of Constable Angela Taylor and of causing serious injury to Magistrate Iain West and Constable Carl Donadio. Rodney Minogue was found guilty of being an accessory in the bombing.
  • The verdict was reached for Peter Reed.

    Reed was found guilty of the attempted murder of Sergeant Steven Quinsee and of causing serious injury to Sergeant Mark Wylie. However, he was not found guilty of taking part in the Russell Street Bombing. He served 9 years and was released in 1995.