the evelotion of soccer

  • Apr 12, 1314

    The Lord Mayor of London banned football.

    because it was so wild
  • a student named William Webb Ellis decided he"d rather carry the than kick it soon other schools were playing this new game in Rugby

    William Webb Eliss invented Rugby
  • students from several schools universities in england met to decide exatly how the game should be played

    they wrote up rules on the board it said no biting , no pushing no hearting
  • the fa decided to introduce refrees

    to make sure rhat there were no foul plays during match
  • the FA decided to introduce referees to make sure there were no fouls play during matces refrees had to stand out form the players so they wore fancy dinner suits.

    refrees used to give out hankechifs
  • a new group the internatinal fedration of football associatioms or FIFA for short played in the first compition which was won by the wanders

    they made a new compition called the FA cup witch was won by the wanders
  • The first FIFA World Cup

    was made in 1930 in Uraguy
  • the first world cup was made in Urguay

    Urguay beated argintina 4-2 in Their contry
  • a new compition was created between diffrent natines the world cup thirteen conutries entred the first tornament whitch was held in South America.

    it was in Uraguay and Urguay beted Argntina 4-2
  • Period: to

    The Evolution of Soccer

  • Soccer was invented in Japan in 1000BC.

    Soldiers played it. They used balls made with goat fur.
  • a hunred years later the roman armay also trained with footballs

    beacuse it helps them with your trainig
  • 197 nations entred but the only the top 32 qulified Finals in Germany.

    France won the tornament because they have a special player named Zintel Zadane
  • The football Association created a knock out tornament named the FA cup fifteen teams plays In the FA cup

    Fifteen teams play in The FA cup