The End, fiction, Lemony Snicket, 321 pages

  • pages 1-54

    The Baudelaire orphans escape from the burning Hotel Denoument on a ship with Count Olaf. They sound find themselves in a storm at sea, but somehow, very luckily, survive. Before the storm, however, the Baudelaires were considering yet another murder.
  • pages 54-102

    The Baudelairs and Olaf wash up on a coastal shelf were they meet a little girl called Friday. She makes Count Olaf go away and invites the Baudelaires to the island. They go to the island and meet the king, Ishmael, who is sort of kid but also kind of sketchy.
  • pages 102-202

    A storm comes to the island, and Ishmael claims to know this because he uses "magic". The Baudelaires find this highly unlikely and wonder about how Ishmael found out about the storm. With the storm brings Count Olaf, of course. But it also brought a raft of books carrying a woman; Kit Snicket. Olaf puts on a wig, a dress, and a diving helmet filled with deadly spores of mushrooms.
  • pages 202-302

    Kit Snicket is "very pregnant", and Count Olaf pretends to be her, using the diving helmet as a fake pregnant belly. He tells the islanders to help him because he is a poor, pregnant lady, but obviously the Baudelaire orphans see through the ruse. Kit Snicket is very injured and the Baudelaires want to help her. The islanders bring Ishmael to see Olaf, Snicket, and the book raft. Ishmael puts Olaf but leaves the injured woman on her book raft, saying she is dangerous. The Baudelaire orphans ~
  • 202-303 pt 2

    decide to check out some things on the far side of the island where they find a library of sorts, holding everything from A-Z. Absolutely everything you could ever think of is being held here. The children follow a snake friend through the aboretum, to the biggest, thickest tree on the island. They enter the hollowed out tree through the roots, where they find a living space with a kitchen and a library. They also find a diary of the isalnd's past, kept by the island's facilitators. They leave.
  • 302-321

    They go back to confront Ishmael about keeping all these things a secret from the islanders. Everyone gets in a hissy-fit, some islanders wanting to get rid of Ishmael, some wanting to keep him. Finally, Ishmael decides to shoot Count Olaf with a harpoon gun right through his belly. This, of course, releases the deadly fungus, and it affects everyone who uses their lungs. But it also stabs Olaf. The children rush to the kitchen trying to find horseradish to cure themselves. They cannot find any~
  • 302-321 pt 2

    and sit down in a large chair to die. Suddenly, their snake friend brings them an apple from the tree. They each take a bite of the nasty apples, and the spores disappear from their throat. They rush back to try and save the other people, to find they've left on a boat to try and save themselves. Olaf, is laying on the ground dying, and Kit Snicket starts giving birth. The orphans help her, and raise the little girl, Beatrice, as their own.
  • 302-321