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The Electric Toaster

  • The First Ever Electric Toaster

    The First Ever Electric Toaster
    The first ever electric toaster was made in 1893. It was basically the same as the toaster we have now but without the sides.
  • The Second Electric Toaster.

    The second electric toaster was the same as the first but it was commercially successful as they improved on the heat.
  • The Toaster That Turned Toast

    This toaster turned the bread around and around to help it cook into toast.
  • The Toaster That made they toast pop up

    Again it's the same as the 3rd electric toaster but the toast pops up once it's finished cooking
  • The Toaster That Has A Sensor

    This toaster has a sensor that it would cook until it hit 154 degrees celsius and once it hit that number it would automatically stop cooking.
  • The Toaster That Made The Toast Pop Up (Version 2)

    They went back to the toaster that made the toast pop up but they added metal sides to it with a lever you would pull down to get the toast to cook.
  • Experiments but still the same toaster.

    Around this time they still used the same toaster from the 1970's but others also experimented with different toasters. Ways they experimented was halving the sides so you could see what was happening.
  • Advanced Electric Toaster

    Again, around this time we still had the same toaster as the 1970's but people made it more advanced with heat settings.
  • Present Day

    Present Day
    Today we have the amazing electric toaster with advanced heat settings, plastic sides so you don't get burnt, just a button to get the toast to go down and different settings for different foods that were toasting like crumpets and pop tarts.