The Electric Guitar

  • Apr 17, 1265

    The first guitar is created.

    The first guitar created was made in Spain by the people of Malaga. This was originally called the "four-course" guitar.
  • Mar 4, 1450

    Lute is invented.

    The lute, an instrument very similar to the guitar, is used in the Renaissance time period.
  • Bandura becomes popular.

    This innovation of the lute is becoming popular.
  • First six-string guitar is created.

    The earliest six-string guitar was invented by Gaetano Vinaccia in Naples, Italy.
  • The "Frying Pan" is invented.

    The "Frying Pan" is invented.
    George Beauchamp invented the "Frying Pan", a lap steel guitar used mainly for Hawaiian music in the 1930's.
  • The Rickenbacker "Electro String"

    The Rickenbacker "Electro String"
    Adolph Rickenbacker created the "Electro String" and later sold his company to F.C. Hall.
  • The Les Paul "Log" is created

    The Les Paul "Log" is created
    Les Paul created the "Log" after persuading Epiphone to let him use their workshop on weekends.
  • The Bigsby-Travis Guitar is created.

    The Bigsby-Travis Guitar is created.
    Paul Bigsby (creator of the Bigsby Vibrato) worked in the motorcycle shop of Albert Crocker in his early years. He loved country music and befriended Merle Travis,country singer. Bigsby revolutionized the guitar by putting all six tuners on one side of the headstock.
  • The Fender Broadcaster is invented.

    The Fender Broadcaster is invented.
    The Fender Broadcaster (a.k.a. Telecaster) was created by Leo Fender. His innovation was to include truss rods in the neck of the guitar.
  • Fender introduces the single pick-up Esquire guitar

  • Fender introduces the Squier

    The Squier was Fender's first line of imported guitars.
  • Leo Fender dies.

    Leo Fender passes away from complications of Parkinson's Disease.