The Electoral Process

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  • Prospective candidates raise money

    Prospective candidates raise money
  • Politician declares candidacy

    Politician declares candidacy
  • Candidate campaigns in key states

    Candidate campaigns in key states
  • Primaries

    Voters select delegates who are pledged to candidates, and the vote is taken through a ballot.
    3 types:
    Closed: only registered voters can vote and they must vote within their party (Republicans for Republicans, Democrats for Democrats)
    Open: Voters have to declare which party they are voting for, but they don't have to be registered with a certain party
    Blanket: No declaration or party affiliation required, voter can vote for whoever they want
  • Caucuses

    In caucuses, citizens make speeches for candidates in hometwon settings, like living rooms and town halls, and an informal count is taken for the vote. This continues into statewide conventions, where the national delegates are chosen. Caucuses take more time than primaries.
  • Party conventions

    Party conventions
    Both Democratic and Republican parties host separate conventions, candidates are oficially nominated
  • Election

    Citizens vote for members of the electoral college who are pledged to a certain candidate, president is chosen