The Egyptian Revolution

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  • Day of Rage

    Day of Rage
    1/25 “Day of Revolt”: The first protest of many that came. Tens of thousands of protesters hit the streets of Cairo. Some marched downtown towards the office of the National Democratic Party, others toward the foreign ministry and Maspero(the national state television). Protests weren’t only in cairo but in other towns across the country.
  • Period: to

    The Egyptian Revolution

    A Facebook page called “We all are Khaled said” was made. Khaled Said, a 28-year-old Egyptian who was beaten to death at the hands of two police officers. His case turned into a public matter, that got anger in the harts of millions. It turned into a viral discussion on the social networks. .The founders of the page didn't reveal their names or there political opinion but It was later found out that the founders are Wael Ghonim and Abdel Rahman Monsieur. The Revolution was planed on this page.
  • The Second Day Towards Freedom

    The Second Day Towards Freedom
    A protester and a police were killed in the demonstrations in cairo.Police forces continue to use tear gas, water cannons and batons against the protesters but this time the police also fired live ammunition in the air. In Suez, the violent collisions with the police and protesters continue. 55 protester and 15 police were injured.
  • Friday of Anger

    Friday of Anger
    Mohamed El elbaradei arrives in egypt to join the protests.The protests continue throughout egypt hundreds have been arrested in egypt but the protests still continue.In north sinai, sheikh zuweid, hundreds of bedouins exchange live fire with the police. A 17 year old Bedouin got shoot.
  • The Anger Continues

    The  Anger Continues
    the the government shuts down the internet and sms showing that they are no longer in control.Eleven people have been confirmed killed in Suez and more the 1000 got injured throughout the country.Army troops arrive in Cairo, Alexander and Suez but they don’t interfere with the protesting.
  • The Army Arrives

    The Army Arrives
    Just after midnight Mubarak gave a speech. He didn't announce anything specifically but it seemed that he wasn’t going to step down.Army troops arrive in Cairo, Alexander and Suez but they don’t interfere with the protesting.The ruling national democratic party building lights on fire and no one tries to stop it.Mubarak appoint a vice president for the first time in 30 years. the vice president is Omar Suleiman who is considered very close to Mubarak during his reign.
  • Mubarak's First Speech

    Mubarak's First Speech
    Hosni Mubarak announces in a televised address that he will not run for re-election but refuses to step down from office - the central demand of the protesters. Mohamed El Baradei, says that this is not enough.Abdelhalim Kandil, leader of Egypt's Kifaya (Enough) opposition movement says to Mubarak that they don't accept his offer.President Barak Obama says that only the egyptian people can chose their leaders.Shortly after Mubarak’s speed pro-Mubarak attack anti-government protesters in
  • Battle of the Camel

    Battle of the Camel
    Pro-Mubaraks attack anti-Mubarak protester in tahrir squar. Supporters riding horeses and camels with swords and sticks attack anti-govermental protesters in Tahrir square.
  • Mubaraks Second speach

    Mubaraks Second speach
    Mubarak anounces that he will no longer be incontrol but his vice presidant Omar Suleiman. The people react with disappointment and the protests continue.
  • Friday of Departure

    Friday of Departure
    Mass demonstrations contiue. At 6 PM local time Vice presidant Omar Suleiman announced Mubarak's resignation. More then 25 milion people went on the streets celibrating the victory of the revolution.