The Dome of the Rock

  • Jan 1, 641

    Early Muslim shrine

    The Dome of the Rock was one of the first Muslim shines. It was amazingly decorated with colorful nonfigural mosaics and was considered a great triumph of Islamic art.
  • Jan 2, 641

    Built in wood

    In 641, Calioh Umar 1, built the Dome of the Rock is in wood, over a sacred religous rock. This rock in Jewish faith claims to be the rock over which Isaac was sacrificed over by Abraham. In Muslim faith, it was the rock that Muhammad asended to heaven from.
  • Current

    Currently, the Dome of the Rock is an active shrine. It is open to only Muslims from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Its exact lattatude and longitude coordinates are 31.778097° N, 35.235139° E. If I could give the Dome of the Rock a historic rating, I would give it four stars because of it amazing architecture, stunning art and thick history.
  • Stone renavation

    In 691, Caliph Abd al-Malik made renovated the Dome of the Rock and rebuilt it with stone and a giant gold Dome for the sacride rock inside.
  • Full completion

    In 692 The Dome of The Rock was fully completed. The completion made the Dome of the Rock the second holiest place of Muslim worship.