The Diary Of A Young Girl_JaskiratSandhu

Timeline created by JSandhu25
  • Thinking About Others

    Thinking About Others
    Anne thinks that if she doesn't chatter the whole time, everyone else will be happy. This is character development. This relates to theme that it is possible to live the people that you once disliked.
  • Helping Others

    Helping Others
    Anne continuously wanted to be able to help out with different things around the annex but was denied. She kept on saying that she could've helped. This character development. This goes to the theme that you are starting to open up to the people you once disliked.
  • ¨Do you guys seem in desperate need of money...¨

    ¨Do you guys seem in desperate need of money...¨
    Anne knew that some of the people in the annex were not her favorite but instead of making it obvious she finds other ways to get under their skin, some conflict starting between the group. This is a turning point. This is in a way starting off the theme of not liking one and other.
  • Opening Letters

    Opening Letters
    Anne opened her letters that came from others and now she opened them. She had noticed that they were feeling different than usual. This is more of a character development. It goes into how it is possible to live with people that you may not like at first.
  • Making Baskets

    Making Baskets
    Since the year was starting to come to an end, Anne decided that she should do something nice for everyone. This is a turning point, this relates to the theme because now she is starting to get used to the people and not dislike them like she did in the beginning.