The Development of Labor Unions

  • Commonwealth v Hunt

    A Massachusetts court ruled that unions were legal.
  • The Homestead Strikes

    The Homestead Strikes
    Steels workers in Homestead, Pennsylvania struck against the Carnegie Steel plant because the company had reduced wages. Violents became about when the steel company hired private police to protect strikes breakers. In the ensuing confrontation, nine strikers and seven police officer were killed.
  • The International Workers of the World(Wobblies)

    Organized for unskilled worker and immigrants, advocated one large national union that would use strikes and sabotage to achieve its goals as opposed to the more peaceful American Federation of Labor.
  • Clayton Act

    Allowed pickettingand limited the use of injunctions in labor disputes
  • National Labor Relation Act (Wagner Act)

    Protected the rights of worker too organize and elect representatives for collective bargaining. Also in this year, the CIO, Congress of Industrial Organization, was formed by several AFL unions to promote unionism in industry.
  • AFL and CIO