The Development of Labor Unions

  • The National Trades Union

     The National Trades Union
    The First National Union Was Formed.
  • Commonwelth v. Hunt

    Commonwelth v. Hunt
    A Massachusetts court ruled that unions were legal.
  • Knights of labor

    Knights of labor
    It was founded in 1869 by uriah stephens. it was a major union for immagrants and african americans
  • United mine workers

    United mine workers
    Improbed wages and working conditions of coal mine workers
  • The Homestead Strike

    The Homestead Strike
    A strike that became violent when the steel company hired the private police to protect strike breakers.
  • Pullman Company

    Pullman Company
    Where they made sleeping and dining cars and the workers went on strike.
  • The Brotherhood of sleeping car porters

    The Brotherhood of sleeping car porters
    Philip Randolphs creatation
  • National Labor Relations Act

    National Labor Relations Act
  • Fair Labor Act

    Fair Labor Act
    An Ammendamnt to the labor act that porhibited child labor
  • AFL and CIO

    AFL and CIO
    Merged in 1955
  • Air Traffic Controllers

    Air Traffic Controllers
    The firing of 11,500 air traffic controllers in 1918 for striking in violation of a no strike clause in contract