The Dead Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan 470

  • pages 1-18

    She left the city with her friends and went to the amusment park. She had her first kiss to her best friends older brother.
  • pages 18-36 37

    A breaker shows up and infects Catcher. Gabry runs and hides at the wall. Gabry's friends were caught.
  • pages 36-57 57

    Gabry's friends are put on trial for braking a huge law(leaving the city). Gabry is terrifide she will be caught.
  • pages 57-68 68

    Gabry's friends are sent to the milatary and lost all their rights. Gabry wonders into the amusment park to find Catcher.
  • pages 68-89 89 89

    Gabry sneeks out again to see Catcher. She takes her moms baot and over shoots the bank, Is almost killed by all the mudo.
  • pages 89-150 150

    Elis, a boy that saved her life helped her find Catcher. She learns he is from the forest.
  • pages 150-165 165

    Gabry finds out she is adopted and gets really angry with her mom. Her mom told her she was going back into the forest of Hands and Teeth.
  • pages 168-240 240

    Gabry follows her mom into the forest. It takes her awile to cath her mom.
  • pages 240-300 300

    Gabry can't stop thinking about Catcher. She feels gilty about hating her mom.
  • pages 300-340 340

    Gabry and her mom are making their way back to Vista. Gabry is very thankful to be going home.