the dead charlie higson- grady binder

  • the dead pgs 1-56

    jack and a bunch of kids named wiki, bam, arthur etc. aretrapped inside a school fighting off a bunch of zombies to save their life,they make a strategic move to leave the school and find a new base. they come across a church with some kids sleeping inside it with a fire. most of them died because of the smoke and fumes. one kid has visions of a goat who is like the next jesus who comes to save their lifes.
  • the dead pgs 56-77 ttl.77

    jack decideds to leave and go find his home and ed and the rest leave to london. as jack leaves he takes matt and some others as they talk about the goat saving them.
  • the dead pgs 77-93 ttl.93

    ed, bam, and the boys get attacked by a teacher on the way to london. as they were getting attacked more zombies came. they attacked and nearly killed piers. a red headed boy. luckilly a bus comes and saves the kids.
  • the dead pgs.93-117 ttl.117

    as they are driving to london they find jack and the others walking on the street. they stop and pick them up. as they drive along they get into arguements about some of the kids getting killed, but as they drive along they get unconcerned about the dead kids because as they drive they see fields full of dead bodies.
  • the dead pgs 117-135 ttl. 135

    jack has to admit to frederique(a french girl) that he had to kill her father because he had become infected and was attacking his friends. they have to pull over on the side of the rode beacuse they were taking a bathroom break. when they were doing this frederique has to let her cat go to the bathroom as well. while they were waiting for the cat to finish they, they lost it in the grass. the man that was driving the bus wanted to leave because he saw a hoard of zombies coming right toward them
  • the dead pgs 135-221 ttl. 221

    they finally found the cat crawling around in the tall grass and decided that if they couldnt grap it in time they would leave behind. when frederique went up the cat tried to jump away but frederique got it. greg the man that was driving the bus is now expected to get sick. they were confused why he wasnt sick in the first place because hes an adult but he finally is getting sick. greg finally dies.
  • the dead pgs 220-235

    the boys start to camp out at a farm with lifestock for food. greg the man that was driving the bus was turned into a zombie and would eat kids behind the farm house. the kids find some meat behind it and think its human flesh. they had finally found some weapons and armor such as a sword and a russian helmet.
  • the dead pgs 235-268 ttl 268

    they find a museum and gets a bunch of weapons and armor from their such as spears, old guns, armor, and clubs. when they go outside to check if there were any zombies they saw a redish oarnge light flickering. which they believe to be a fire. the fire is surounded by a bunch of houses which would burn like crazy since theres nobody to put them out.
  • the dead pgs 268-301 ttl 301

    the boys find an old abbandoned semi truck and starts to haul everything they can with it. but jack decideds to leave the group again because he feels like he will do better off by himself.
  • the dead pgs 301-334 ttl 334

    the guys find an old military base where the fire was coming from and decide that they could take out 3 of the secuirty officers to get more weapons. as they do that some of the other boys go into the building and find a huge pile of just rotting corpses. frederique gets bit and gets turned into a zombie and the rest get hit a explosion and dont know where they are.