The Crucible

  • Betty Paris is 'sick'

    Betty is acting like she is sick which is the reasoning for all the accusing in Salem to start.
  • Tituba is saved from witchcraft

    Reverand Hale comes to Salem and is informed that Tituba might have made a pack with the Devil. He goes to Tituba and converts her back to Christianity. Abigail Williams notices everything that happened and then starts accusing others of withcraft
  • Abigail Williams confesses her love for John Proctor

    John and Abigail are alone and Abigail tries to get back with John. She ends up becoming obsessed with him and makes a plan to get rid of his wife.
  • Mrs. Putnam thinks Goody Osborne killed her babies

    Mrs. Putnam heard that others were accusing others of witchcraft, making others do things they didn't want to do. So she thinks Goody Osborne who was a midwife to her 8 times, killed her newborn children.
  • Reverend Hale arrives in Salem

    Mr. Paris sent for Reverend Hale to help his 'sick' daughter. Hale arrives and is informed about everything that is happening.
  • Reverend Hale arrives in Salem

    Mr. Paris sends for Hale because his daughter is 'sick'. Hale arrives and is informed of everything that happened and is happening.
  • Abigail Williams and Comapny accuse others of witchcraft

    Abigail and the girls are accusing others of witchcraft. People they don't like, or people others don't like and know they're lying just to get something out of them being hanged.
  • Elizabeth Proctor is arrested for witchcraft

    Mary Warren comes home and informs the Proctors that Elizabeth's name was mentioned in court. Mary gives Elizabeth a poppet that she made in court. Cheever takes Elizabeth away because Abigail was 'stabbed' with a needle, and they found a needle in the poppet that now belonged to Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth Proctor stands up for John

    John confessed to adultry and lechery. Govn. Danforth needs proof so sends for Elizabeth Proctor to tell the truth. Elizabeth ends up lying to Danforth to proctect John.
  • John Proctor atnd others are hung

    John Proctor, one of the main characters' wife was accused of witchcraft by Abigail Williams because she is obsessed with John. John then takes his own life by not lying and 'confessing' that he is a witch.