the conituation admendments

  • election of excutives

    electors meet the representive states to vote
  • quartering troops

    no soliders are allowed to quarter a home without the consents of the owner.
  • search and seizure

    the right people were allowed to into any persons house.
  • right to accused people

    they due procces of law and jeoparady of life
  • trail by jury in civil cases

    common law where the the value in contronversy shall exceed
  • power of states and people

    the powers not delegated
  • limits fines ans punishments

    excusive bail shall not be required fine inposed
  • right to bear arms

    regulate the neccasary to the security or a free state and allow people to keep and bear arms
  • trail by jury in civil cases

    common law where the value in con tronversy shall exceeded
  • lawsuits against states

    the judical power commaned or prosecuted
  • slavery abolished

    neither slavery nor involumatary exacpts as a punishment. if someone had a slave or a bunch of slaves they will be punished

    The admendment no constructed as an affect
  • civil rights

    all people born or naturilazed in the united states of america.
  • right to vote

    the congress shall have power to enforec the law to have the right to vote.
  • income tax

    they have power to allow taxes and outcome
  • prohibition

    all liqour in now learned until serevel states vote against it in 7 years
  • sufferage

    congress shall have power enfore this article by apropiaite legislate
  • repeal of prohibition

    it hould be ratifed as an admenment
  • limit on presidental term

    no person shall be eleted to the affice of the president
  • voting out of district colombia

    congress shall have power to aforce this article by the legislate