The Classical Era

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  • Period: to

    Composer: Pietro Metastasio

    Court poet in Vienna
    Important librettos in 18th century
    27 three-act hero operas
  • Period: to

    Composer: Giovanni Battista Sammartini

    Innovator of Symphony in Milan in 1730
  • Period: to

    Composer: Farinelli

    One of the most famous Castrati in 18th century
    Trained by Porpora
  • Period: to

    Composer: Franz Xavier Ritcher

    German composer
    **Innovator of the String Quartet
    One of the foremost Mannheim composers
  • Period: to

    Prince Nikolaus J Eszterhazy

    Hayden's Patron and employer until 1790
  • Period: to

    Composer: CPE Bach

    the eldest son of JS Bach
    wrote in both baroque and classical styles
    associated with Empfindsamkeit
  • Period: to

    Composer: Johann Stamitz

    Innovator in Mannheim
    helped established the symphonic genre
  • Period: to

    Historian: Dr. Charles Burney

    Music historian
    Organist who traveled Europe
  • Symphony

    a three or four-movement work for orchestra that innovated by Sammartino in Milan Italy
  • Period: to

    Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn

    A primary Austrian composer who served as innovator and mover within the new classical style
    106 symphonies
    83 string quartet
    20 operas
  • Period: to

    JC Bach

    Worked in Milan and London
    Son of Bach
    influence to Mozart
  • Period: to

    Composer: Luigi Bocchernini

    Italian Composer and cellist
  • Period: to

    Composer: William Billings

    Most prominent composer in the New America
    not a strong composer
  • Period: to

    Composer: Domenico Cimarosa

    Italian composer
    Central figure in opera
    Extraordinary successful
  • Period: to

    Composer: Lorenzo de Ponte

    Italian Librettist and poet
    callorated with Mozart
    moved to US and became a professor at Columbia College in NY
  • Period: to

    Composer: Antonio Salieri

    Italian composer and teacher
    Was the transition period between the Galant style and classical then again in the romantic
  • Period: to

    Composer: Muzio Clementi

    English composer in Italian rebirth
  • Period: to

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Austrian composer
    child prodigy
    wrote in all genres
    Innovated opera
    best of all time