The Chimayo Rebellion by Mary-Trynee Canete

  • The Mexicans receive independence

    The Mexicans receive independence
    Mexican IndependenceThe Mexicans receive independence from Spain in 1821, after winning a war. The Peninsulares believed they had power over the Criollos, castas, natives, and africans because they were full-blooded Spaniards. War broke out for a decade, but Mexico finally became independent.
  • Albino Perez is chosen to take control of NM

    Albino Perez is chosen to take control of NM
    Albino PerezThe Mexican govenment picked a political figure, Albino Perez, to take control of NM after having received independence from Spain. Little did the people know that ALbino was going to change the way they paid taxes.
  • Created a new centralist government

    Created a new centralist government
    General Antonio Lopez de Santa AnnaGeneral Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna began forming a new centralist government, ending relative independence in New Mexico. During this time is when Albino Perez arrived to New Mexico.
  • Albino mandates new taxes

    Albino mandates new taxes
    Tax ChangesAlbino Perez mandates a new change in which the people in the province have to pay taxes sent to the federal capital. These people were used to paying taxes locally, but not federally.
  • People Don't like taxes

    People Don't like taxes
    NO taxes for themThe people taxed talk amongst themselves to share their concerns about this new tax change. They inflate the tax burden. This talk became a war talk and the people plan to overtake ALbino Perez.
  • The Rebellion

    The Rebellion
    The RebellionAt La Mesilla, more than a thousand natives and Hispanics ambushed the governor of NM, Albino Perez and his small group. Many of his supporters changed sides and joined the rebels. Many of the governor's men were taken prisoner, but Perez himself managed to escape to Santa Fe. Word got out, and the angry people killed him with a fight, and beheaded him(and put his head on a pike).
  • Manuel Armijo becomes governor of New Mexico

    Manuel Armijo becomes governor of New Mexico
    Manuel ArmijoFighting ended when Armijo, with his superior arms, signed a treaty.Key leaders surrendered and fighting and war ceased. He went on to become the new Governor of New Mexico.