The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger, Fiction, 214

  • Chapters 1-6, 1-46

    Holden Caulfield talks about his early life but not in detail. He goes to Pencey Prep. He then visits his history teachers house, one of the classes he failed. In chapter 3, Holden introduces Ackley, an irritating person, and Stradlater, Holden's handsome and popular roommate. Stradlater takes Jane Gallagher on a date and Holden is uneasy about it. Stradlater and Holden then get in a fight, ending with Stradlater punching Holden's nose.
    Pages:1-46 Total:(240)
  • Chapters 7-12, 47-87

    Holden leaves Pencey before his parents find out about his expulsion. He decides to head to New York. Holden then goes to his hotel's nightclub. He failed at picking up girls. Holden talks about the days when him and Jane were close. They used to hold hands all the time. Holden then encounters a girl his brother, D.B., used to date.
    Pages:47-87 Total:(280)
  • Chapters 13-20, 88-156

    Things go bad for Holden when Maurice, the elevator operator sends up Sunny, the prostitute. Holden calls Sally Hayes for a date. Holden tries to find his little sister, Phoebe. Sally and Holden go on their date and Holden starts becoming aggrevated and mean. Holden then meets up with Carl Luce for drinks and to talk about sex like how they used to in boarding school.
    Pages:88-156 Total:(348)
  • Chapters 21-26, 157-214

    Holden sneaks into his family's apartment to find Phoebe sleeping. Holden tells Phoebe his plan. Holden decides he is going to leave New York and move out West somewhere. Holden then stops at Mr. Antolini's house. Holden then tells Phoebe to meet him at the Museum. When she comes she has a suitcase and begs him to take her too. Then they spend a few more hours together and Holden is convinced to stay home. His parents send him to the rest house where he is now.
    Pages:157-214 Total:(405)