Brixton bros

The Case of the Case of the Mistaken Identity-Erin Risch

  • Period: to

    Timespan of the book

  • Exposition 1-Background

    Exposition 1-Background
    Stevie is very intresested in detective work and someday would like to become a sleuth. He likes to read the Brixton Brothers series to help him with his detectiveness.
  • Exposition 2-Setting

    Exposition 2-Setting
    This story takes place in many different places. A couple of them are Stevie's town, Stevie's bed, the local library etc.
  • Exposition 3-Characters

    Exposition 3-Characters
    The main character of this book is Stevie Brixton. He is a very smart, intelligent boy.
  • Rising action 1

    Rising action 1
    Men in black suits come into the library and try to kidnap Steve Brixton. They are secret agents trying to get Steve.
  • Rising action 2

    Steve pulls out his detetive book about the Brixton Brothers to help himself figure out what to do. (PICTURE OF WHAT SYEVE IS SAYING TO HIMSELF)
  • Rising action 4

    Rising action 4
    Steve gets kidnapped by a mysterious man named Mackintosh. Steve is being held at gunpoint/hostage.
  • Rising action 3

    Rising action 3
    Steve hides on the shelf in the library because thats what the Brixton brothers book says to do when stuck in a sticky situation.
  • Rising action 5

    Rising action 5
    Steve starts being questioned aabout if he is a real detective trying to get secret information.
  • Conflict

    Stevie goes to the library and uses the wrong card. He uses his detective license instead of his library card so now the secret agents think he is a asecret spy. (PICTURE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A LICENSE)
  • Climax

    Steve has to be able to prove that he is not the guy that the detectives are looking for and that he is not looking for secret information.
  • Falling action1

    Falling action1
    Steve is thinking he isnt the detective but is he or isn't he?
  • Falling action2

    Falling action2
    Steve disguises himself so no one will be able to tell his real identity.
  • Falling action 3

    Falling action 3
    Steve realizes that he is becoming a detective because he is taking notes about the suspects that could be the true criminal, and Steve is helping the other secret agents.
  • Falling action 4

    Falling action 4
    Steve is listing the possible suspects who could be the real criminals.
  • Falling action 5

    Falling action 5
    Steve loves to be a detective.
  • Resolution 1

    Resolution 1
    The secret agents realize that Steve is not the the criminal stealing top secret information.
  • Resolution 2

    Resolution 2
    Steve ended up helping the secret agents find the real bad guy which wasn't him.
  • Resolution 3

    Resolution 3
    Steve would now like to be a detective when he grows up. THE END!