The Brief History Of Hand Mixers

  • The First Hand Mixer

    The First Hand Mixer
    The [first hand mixer](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mixer_(cooking) was made in the year 1856 by Baltimore, Maryland tinner Ralph Collier. The hand mixer has evolved over time.
  • Period: to

    Timeline of Mixers

  • Griffith's Version Of A Mixer

    Griffith's Version Of A Mixer
    British inventor E.P. Griffith’s version in 1857 of a hand mixer.
  • First Stand Mixer

    First Stand Mixer
    The first standing hand mixer was made in 1908 by Herbert Johnson, an engineer,invents the stand mixer for making bread. This mixer isn't that good because it weighs around 85 lbs. and is more than $2,000.
  • The Standmixer for Home

    The Standmixer for Home
    In 1919 Hobart introduced the newly named KitchenAid Food Preparer (stand mixer) for the home.
  • Kitchen Aid Electric Hand Mixer

    Kitchen Aid Electric Hand Mixer
    In 1922 Kitchen Aid made their first electric hand mixer.
  • Sunbeam Mixer was Made.

    Sunbeam Mixer was Made.
    Sunbeam entered the scene with its MixMaster in 1930–a stand mixer available at the fraction of KichenAid’s weight and price (just $18.25 or about $300 in today’s money).
  • Colorful Stand Mixers

    Colorful Stand Mixers
  • Electric Handheld Mixer

    Electric Handheld Mixer
    The electric hand-mixer was invented in 1964 by Dynamic, sited in western France.
  • Customize your Hand Mixer

    Customize your Hand Mixer
    Just recently in the 2000's kitchen aid custom hand mixers. So you can change the color of them!!
  • Customize A Stand Mixer

    Customize A Stand Mixer
    We now have stand mixers that you can get with sparkles on them, or with a design on them, and you can customize them however you want!