The Breadwinner

  • Event 1

    Parvana and her family had just finish their dinner and just laughing and talking, but the next thing you know that the Taliban had just barged in Pravanas home they destroyed everything noked down bowl and plates destroyed their place to sleep but worse for their family is that they took her father only because he had gotten education from England. Her mother tryed to stop the taliban from taking her family but they just knocked her down. Parvana tried but she got knocked down.
  • Event 2

    The next day Parvana and her mother went to the prison to try to relase her father, it was very dificult because Parvanas mother took long steps so it was hard for Parvan to catch up. When they reached the prison the Taliban wouldn't relase her father they would just ignore and knocked Parvana and her mother even if they stand up and fight they would knock both of them down. When they went home and took off their shoes blisters were bleading but Parvana's mother feet were worse. Maryam
  • Event 3

    One week later there was no food left in the house in everyone was hungry so Nooria told Parvana to go get food but Parvana was scared she wouldn't go but when she saw Ali hungry and Maryam too she decided to go, it was reallly easy until a solider supprised her she got scared that she ran until she bumped into Mrs. Weera an old gym teacher, Mrs. Weera decided to move in with Parvana's family.
  • Event 4

    That night Mrs. Weera and Parvana's mother and Nooria taking but Parvana couldn't hear what they were talking about. When they were having their breakfast after that they told them what was the plan of getting more money and food, they were going to make Paravan into a boy just by cutting the and wearing Parvan's older borthers clothes. Parvana didn't liike the idea of it but then she decied that she would do it and help her family.
  • Event 5

    When she went to the market she was afraid but she wasn't after she got the food she engoyed going to the market and reading letters and going to get food, but one day she was at the market and a tea boy was runing and spiled some tea on Parvana's blanket where she was sitting on when she helped she saw one of her friends Shauzia. When Parvana was going home she went home with Shauzia they were talking when they reached Parvana's home Shauzia only stayed for only a little while she thea
  • Event 6

    Parvana went back to her usual spot in the market and then she met Shauzia they were talking and Shauzia told her something that could make double the amount that Parvana makes but Shauzia told her that she wouldn't like the idea. Well Shauzia was right Parvana didn't like it at all it was digging up bones, the next morning Parvana went to the market with her usual tools like her father's writing tools and blanket but she didn't tell her mother about digging up bones. She had met Shauzia in the
  • Event 7

    After they were done they went back to the market and to their homes. Parvana went to the water tap to clean her clothes because it was dirty. Once she went home Maryam said she was wet her mother was worried Parvana tried to go of her mothers grip but her mother wouldn't let go so Parvana had to tell her where she was. Her family was in such a shock once she showed the money she had earned her mother said that there was no need of her getting so much money and that they were fine off without s
  • Event 8

    2 weeks later Parvana and her friend Shauzia went to get their trays for them to sell on. They were finally out of the graveyard and no more digging up bones. Parvana and Shauzia went around in the market to look for customers. On one Friday there was a crowd of people going into the stadium, Parvana said that since there was lots of people going in the stadium and watching a soccer game and that they would sell out. But they were wrong a group of taliban kept yelling at people at them to go in
  • Event 9

    Three men were out in the feild but weren't soccer players they were prisoners one man had his hand out and one solider who had raised a sword and then cut the mans hand out Shauzia screamed but Parvana put her hand ontop Shauzia's mouth so people wouldn't hear Shauzia screams. A nice kind voice had told the two of them to keep their heads down. All of the gums and cigaretteshad fallen off, the men around the two girls had picked up the spilled items and returned the items to the girls they just
  • Event 10

    Parvana had told her family what she has sawn, Mrs. Weera and her mother told her that the stroy should go into the magazine that they were making. Parvana had told her mother that she wouldn't be going out in the market saying she wasn't going to see anything ugly in a while. She would help Maryam on her counting and trying to learn mending from her sister Nooria. Couple of days later she went to work in the market. She had met Shauzia in the market and went back to work.
  • Event 11

    Parvana said that she wouldn't go because she was worried that her father would come home and there wouldn't be anybody would be there. But she didn't go to Mazar she would stay home. One day she was going home and she heard a voice in an old building she went in and found a girl she took her home and went back to her home. The girl had told her and Mrs. Weera that she was where Parvana's sister and her family were going. One day she came back home and she saw her father back from the prison.
  • Event 12

    From the news that she had heard form the girl Homa told her father they decided to go and see for themselves. She left and started going to Mazar she had said goodbye to Shauzia promising that they both would meet 20 years from the day Parvana had left. They would meet at the Eiffel Tower. From that she was riding with her father to find her family.