The beatles Time line

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  • The quarrymen get together

    The quarrymen get together
    A very young John lennon of 16 years old at a concert he was playing he meet the mythical young Paul Mccartney, which was presented by a common friend, at this time John notice the skill of Paul with acords, later, they met the fouth member of the group George Harrison which convince them to form part of the band. In that way John lennon, Paul Mccartney, Pete Best and George Harrison form "The Quarrymen"
  • Pete best is replace by Ringo Starr

    Pete best is replace by Ringo Starr
    After making a contract with Brian Epstein, Brian presented to the group, Richard Starrkey which after a lot of talking decide to change Pete Best to Richard Starrkey, better know as Ringo Starr, this decide cause a lot of upset of the audice who make protest to take back Pete Best.
  • The beatles released his first single "Love me Do"

    The beatles released his first single "Love me Do"
    With the band form, they decide to make, his first proyect, "please, please me" with this on the road, Brian Epstein proposed to released his first single, an LD with the songs:
    -Love me do
    -P.S. I love you
  • "Please, please me" Released

    "Please, please me" Released
    After the success of his single, the album was ready to be released and making his own first album which reach to top 1 on england, promising be a great band for the epoch
  • The Beatles take America

    The Beatles take America
    After their successes with his latest albums, Brian Epstein proposed to made a United States tour around the most importants states of it, but they reused to go, except they made a numbre one in the same contry, composing "I wanna hold your hand" automatically turned into a number 1°, parcitipating on a TV show which put together 70 million of viewers, in that time half of U.S.A
  • The beatles at Shea stadium

    The beatles at Shea stadium
    This is one of the most incredible events of the time, the threaters, auditoriums, etc. Weren´t enough to hold all the persons which wanted to see the quartet of liverpool, as they look this situation they decide to start making concert in stadiums, Shea Stadium get hole capacity on that day, doing that the beatles watch the top of beatlemania that time
  • John lennon says "We are bigger than Jesus"

    John lennon says "We are bigger than Jesus"
    After conquer America, the beatles were invited by a journalist to an interview by separed, at this time all their interviews came to normal, except by John Lennon who mention:
    "The religion is going to desapered, I am right, and i will, right know we are famous than Jesus"
    This causes one of the powerful and controversial movements of england and U.S.A which make to a lot of protests of religion people to cancel the beatles, making to burn his albums in certain points of the city.
  • Last beatles oficial concert

    Last beatles oficial concert
    They get succed in America but all the things just change to them, they didn´t put the same energy on other concerts, the screaming, noises and their own voices, start to make painful to them so they decide to put an end to their artistical concert effort to be artists of studio
  • Sgt. Pepper Lonely hearts club band

    Sgt. Pepper Lonely hearts club band
    This was the biggest beatles proyect, which was consired the best album of the history of music, until the last year 2020, implementing for the first time the phycodelic rock, an the first album to include a hole orquest for this album, making the most important theme of all times, by context "A day in Life"
  • Brian Epstein Death

    Brian Epstein Death
    After the finish of Sgt Pepper his agent died after consume sleeping pills and alcohol that day, turning his life upside down, considered the fifth beatle, he died and put a print on the beatles that will cause repercussions in the future
  • The beatles travel to India

    The beatles travel to India
    The relationships between the beatles start to be more and more tense, thats why george made the proposed to travel to india to meditate and reforce their inspiration for more music and try to calm the spirits..
  • White album released

    White album released
    The spirits in india weren´t get better and the fights between egos was intense, releasing this album as different personalities of the fourth of them with good music this album is memorable for all, the cover is inspired in the togas that they used in india, much of the people named this album as the "Rotting aplee"
  • Roof Concert

    Roof Concert
    The end was close, and the beatles spirits were rotten and each of them agree to made, one last concert, A lot of location were proposed like the pyramid of egypt, Sarah deserts or the iconic liverpool museum, but it was a lot of work and cost of the money transfer their instruments, etc. After that, two characters appeared John and Ringo, is not clear but one of them mencion:
    "Why we dont do it on the roof" thats how the quartet of liverpool plays one last time we everything started
  • Abbey road released

    Abbey road released
    After the sesions of "Let it be" the beatles released their last, technically, their last album finishing their carrer as a band to turn new personal proyects
  • Let it be

    Let it be
    This album was released at 70s but this is not his last album, its just a namesake LD. This album is surprising by all of his fans which they says, is incredible, even they hate each other, they keep writting quality music with each other, The cover is was plan to be same as his firts album but they decide to change it to whats now, with a significant message of "Let it be" with four black lines separing each others.
  • Paul announces the break up of the beatles

    Paul announces the break up of the beatles
    After released "Let it be" they were ready to broke up, and Paul after signing all the need papers to put and end, they broke up, and in only 10 years the beatles change the music forever, even today, much critics considered as the best band on the history. But we all remember them a the fab four with his most iconic phrase
    "All you need is love"