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The Beatles - Chase and Tom

By cello95
  • Ringo Starr's Birth

    Ringo Starr is born.
  • John Lennon's Birth

    John Lenon is born.
  • James McCartney's Birth

    James McCartney is born.
  • George Harrison's Birth

    George Harrison is born.
  • John Lenon's Gift

    John Lenon obtains his first guitar.
  • Early Meetings

    John Lenon meets Paul McCartney.
  • Quarrymen's First Performance

    Paul McCartney has his first performance in the band "the Quarrymen." This band would eventually become the Beatles.
  • The Beatle's first performance

    The Beatles perform for the first time.
  • TV Debut

    The Beatles have their first television performance.
  • The Beatles - Completed

    Ringo joins the band.
  • First Album

    The Beatles release their first album.
  • Popularity Peak

    The Beatles reach the peak of their popularity.
  • US Tour

    The Beatles begin their first American tour.
  • Last Concert

    The Beatles perform their last live concert.
  • Losing one member

    Paul McCartney leaves.
  • Dead member

    Lenon is shot dead.
  • Another Death

    Harrison dies.
  • The Quarrymen Grow

    George Harrison joins the Quarrymen,