The Beatles

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  • The Quarrymen

    The Quarrymen
    Originally composed by John Lennon and several of his classmates, The Quarrymen took their name from the Quarry Bank High School, where these musicians attended.
  • George Harrison and Paul McCartney join the Beatles

    George Harrison and Paul McCartney join the Beatles
    Paul McCartney fue el primero en unirse cuando conoce a John Lennon en la Iglesia St. Peter's Woolton Parish a la edad de 16 años. George Harrison se une posteriormente a la edad de 15 años invitado por Paul.
  • Brian Epstein meets The Beatles

    Brian Epstein meets The Beatles
    Brian Epstein, known as the fifth beatle, was the first manager of the group and thanks to The Beatles they achieved success.
  • "Let It Be" Apple Corps London and beginning of the end.

    "Let It Be" Apple Corps London and beginning of the end.
    The album "let It Be" was the last of The Beatles and the recording process was televised by documentary filmmaker Michael Lindsay-Hogg showing the wear and tear of the band and the annoyance on the part of George, Paul and Ringo with Lennon for leaving. aside from the band and focus his life on Lennon's Yoko-Ono partner.
  • The Beatles release their first album "Please Please Me"

    Please Please Me is the debut album by British rock band The Beatles, released on March 22, 1963 in the UK. Its publication accompanies the beginning of Beatlemania, after the success of the singles "Please Please Me" and "Love Me Do"
  • The Beatles go to USA

    The Beatles go to USA
    Already popular in Great Britain, Brian Epstein schedules a visit to the United States where they were welcomed by an unexpected mass fan hysteria, this was called the first British wave of music.
  • "Greater than Jesus"

    "Greater than Jesus"
    "More popular than Jesus" was a controversial comment by Beatles member John Lennon in 1966. Lennon claimed that Christianity was on the wane and that the Beatles had become more popular than Jesus Christ. Angry reactions erupted in Christian communities around the world provoking the anger of fans.
  • The Beatles leave the stage

    The Beatles leave the stage
    The Beatles stopped performing live in 1966, giving their last concert on August 29 of that year in the city of San Francisco, at Candlestick Park (USA). The decision to stop playing live was due to some problems raised during the tours, and the hard pressure that these represented for them.
  • Improvised presentation "Rooftop Concert"

    Improvised presentation "Rooftop Concert"
    To ease the tensions within the studio, it was decided to play a surprise concert on the roof of the label where they were recording. The concert is remembered to this day as a revolution in music
  • End of The Beatles

    End of The Beatles
    Paul McCartney announced his separation from the quartet, which in turn triggered the dissolution of The Beatles on December 31 of the same year.Among the reasons are the constant ego clashes between the band members and the constant presence of Yoko-Ono.