The Beatles

By ellucco
  • THE BEATLES 1960

    THE BEATLES 1960
    Now named The Beatles they began a three month tour engagement at the Indra Club, Hamburg, Germany
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    The Beatles in the 1960's

  • THE BEATLES 1961

    THE BEATLES 1961
    On 9/02/61 The beatles played their launch gig at the Cavern, Liverpool.
    On 6/12/61 At the meeting with the Beatles, Liverpudian businessman Brian Epstein offered to become there manager.Lennon accepted on behalf of the band
  • THE BEATLES 1962

    THE BEATLES 1962
    01.01.62 The Beatles are auditioned by Decca A&R man Dick Rowe in West Hampstead, London. Rowe enters the history books with his famous quote— "Go back to Liverpool, Mr. Epstein. Groups with guitars are out."
    06.06.62 The Beatles auditioned for the producer George Martin at EMI, Abbey Road, London
    05.10.62 "Love Me Do" is realised as The Beatles first single
    27.12.62 "Love Me Do" peaked at No. 17 on the U.K charts
  • THE BEATLES 1963

    THE BEATLES 1963
    22.03.63 The debut album "Please Please Me" is realised in the U.K.
    11.05.63 The album "Please Please Me" hits in the U.K. No. 1 spot.
    22.07.63 "Introducing The Beatles" is released as their first album in the U.S.
    14.12.63 The Beatles became the first band ever to knock themselves off the top of the U.K. single charts.
  • THE BEATLES 1964

    THE BEATLES 1964
    04.04.64 Billboard Magazine says The Beatles now hold the top five positions on the American Charts.
    04.09.64 The Indonesian government bans Beatle hair cuts
    04.12.64 New album " Beatles for sale" is realised
    19.12.64 The ablum " Beatles for sale" reaches No. 1 on the U.K. charts.
  • THE BEATLES 1965