The beatles

  • Started in a band called, "the quarry men"

    Started in a band called, "the quarry men"
    The quarry men were the first name of the group to becom the beattles.
  • Members

    In 1962, the beatles members were john lennon, paul mccartney, george harrison and ringo star.
  • Beatlemania

    They play the Palladium, the Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Variety Show, sing Moonlight Bay with Morecombe and Wise, give a spare hit to the Rolling Stones, play hundreds of concerts in Britain, nip over to Sweden, and invent Beatlemania.
  • US shows.

    US shows.
    They are the first band to play a baseball stadium, Shea in New York.
  • Influene today.

    Influene today.
    the beatles influenced music from rock to pop and still influencing bands today.
  • Setting Standards.

    Setting Standards.
    In the studio years (1966 onwards), supported by the steady hand of the great George Martin, they would produce songs which would be forever fresh and which still set the standards against the newcomers.
  • Babby boomers.

    Babby boomers.
  • Created apple corps.

  • Started sepperating.