The Early Baroque 1600 - 1650

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In Music
  • Period: 1551 to

    Giulio Caccini

    Italian composer, singer, teacher, and instrumentalist. One of the founders of Opera.
  • Period: 1557 to

    Giovanni Gabrieli

    Italian Composer and organist noted for use of instruments in sacred music
  • Period: 1561 to

    Jacopo Peri

    Claimed to make first opera in 1597 with his "Dafne"
  • Period: 1563 to

    John Dowland

    English lutenist and leading composer of lute music.
  • Period: 1564 to

    William Schakespeare

    English playwright and poet; important force in the field of music
  • Period: to

    Orlando Gibbons

    English composer of Anglican Church anthems; keyboardist; a leading composer in 17th century
  • Period: to

    Girolamo Frescobaldi

    First modern keyboard virtuoso and composer; he was the most influential keyboard composer of the early baroque.
  • Period: to

    Francesca Caccini

    First woman to compose operas; renowned soprano sing an early age
  • Opera Invented in Florence, Italy

    Opera Invented in Florence, Italy
    By Jacopo Periand Giulio Caccini
  • Basso Continuo is first developed

    Emilio de' Cavalieri's "Rappresentazionne di Anima e di Corpo" was de first publication to feature a figured bass
  • Death of Queen Elizabeth I

  • Period: to

    Giacomo Carissimi

    A leading composer of Roman cantatas and oratorios; teacher of Charpentier.
  • Jamestown is Established

  • Galileo Galilei discovers Saturn's rings

    Using a first version of a telescope
  • Teatro San Cassiano opens in Venice

    First public opera house
  • The Coronation of Poppea is premiered

    In Venice - by 75 year old Monteverdi, one of the first opera's based on mythology
  • Death of Galileo Galilei

    Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer
  • Reign of Louis XIV Begins

    French monarch who was also an accomplished dancer