"The Awakening" Timeline of Impotant Events

Timeline created by hilljd681
  • Vacation to Grand Isle

    Vacation to Grand Isle
    On the family vacation to Grand Isle, Edna Pontellier discovers a void living within her family and inside of herself.
  • A walk with Adele Ratignolle

    A walk with Adele Ratignolle
    Mrs. Pontellier and Madame Ratignolle take a walk on the beach of Grand Isle and have a talk about life. Edna reminds herself of a chat she once had with Adele, admitting to both her and herself she would not sacrifice herself for her husband or her children.
  • Party at the Lebrun's

    Party at the Lebrun's
    During the party at the Lebrun's vacation home, Mademoiselle Reisz plays the piano for Edna Pontellier. Edna was what she herself called very fond of music; this was not the first time she heard a artist at the piano, but it was the first time she was ready, and the piece played was just for her.
  • Edna learning to swim

    Edna learning to swim
    Edna stumbles into the ocean and begins to swim for the first time.
    "A feeling of exultation overtook her, as if some power of significant import had been given her to control the working of her body and her soul. She grew daring and reckless, overestimating her strength. She wanted to swim far out, where no woman had swum before."
  • A day at Madame Antoine's Cot

    A day at Madame Antoine's Cot
    Edna and Robert Lebrun journey to Grand Terre where they attend church and visit Madame Antoine. This day spent in the cot is a day of reflection and relaxation for Enda.
  • Robert leaves for Mexico

    Robert leaves for Mexico
    All of a sudden and almost unannounced, Robert departs from Grand Isle and head to Mexico. Edna does not fancy his leave.
  • Vacation to Grand Isle

    Vacation to Grand Isle
    At Grand Isle, Edna discovers a void within her family and within herself.
  • Edna's Temper Tantrum

    Edna's Temper Tantrum
    One night, after returning to her home in New Orleans, Edna takes off her wedding ring, throws it on the ground, and stomps on it. Her maid gives it back to her and she slips it back on. Edna's separation from Robert only make matter worse in her marriage to Leonce Pontellier.
  • The expedition to find Mademoiselle Reisz in New Orleans

    The expedition to find Mademoiselle Reisz in New Orleans
    Edna grows eager and impatient to listen to Mademoiselle Reisz play the piano for her again; she asks around the neighborhood and those who vacation with them if they knew where Reisz' home was in New Orleans. No one knew, not even the owner of her previous home, so Edna visits Adele and the Lebrun's, where she learns news of Reisz and Robert.
  • Edna meets Alcee Arobin

    Edna meets Alcee Arobin
    Edna has met Alcee Arobin on many occasions, but this time Alcee and Edna share a connection that neither of them have felt before. Robert returns from Mexico, but his love is distant and secluded like never before, so Edna shares her love with someone else; Alcee Arobin, whom she sleeps with with guilt and regret.
  • Edna's Good-Bye

    Edna's Good-Bye
    Edna is remorseful of her mistakes as a wife and mother; she finds the only way to set herself free is by saying good-bye to her husband, her children, and her life, forever.
    "She walked out. The water was chill, but she walked on. The water was deep, but she lifted her white body and reached out with a long, sweeping stroke. The touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace."