The Architectural Styles of Europe - According to the Euro

  • Jan 1, 1000

    Start of Romanesque Era - 10 Euro Note

    • Thick walls
    • Long rows of arches
    • Long pillars for support
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Classical Architechure - 5 Euro Note

    This was 700 BC to 400 BC
    (It's here due to TimeToast not letting me do right) Archways
    Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns
    Glass/Stained glass
    Terracotta was often used as a material
    Pediments- Carved triangle over window frames
    Eaves- overhanging edges of roofs
    Porticos- Porch with eaves, pediments and columns
    Hammer-beam roofs
    Architrave- molded frame of door or window
    Quoins- Dressed or emphasized stones at corner of buildings
  • Period: Apr 3, 1000 to Apr 4, 1400

    Gothic Architechure - 20 Euro Note

    Began in 5th Century Pointed,arched roofs
    Two columns side by side
    Typically blue buildings
    Large windows to let in light (also arched)
    Often times either churches or cathedrals
    Elaborate tracery
    Very tall buildings
  • Period: Apr 3, 1400 to

    Renaissence - 50 Euro Note

    -Many archways.
    -Earth tones/made of rock
    -Artwork on walls and ceilings
    -Towers as well as domes for roofs
    -Domes have point on top with some points having crests, such as crosses
  • Period: to

    Baroque/Rococo - 100 Euro Note

    In the Rococo Style, there was lavishness and indulgence of aristocracy. There was lots of asymmetry and floral designs. The architecture had asymmetrical buildings, patterns and designs. In the Baroque Style, there were colonnades, domes, light and shade (chiaroscuro) painter like color effects, the bold play of volume and void, and bold massing.
  • Period: to

    Nouveau Architecture - 200 Euro Note

    • New Materials
    • Bars of iron form shapes and structure
    • Flowing lines
    • Violent Curves
    • Organic subject matters
    • Ignoring Classical restrictions
    • Asymmetrical designs
  • Period: to

    Modern Architechute - 500 Euro Note

    Simple- lacking ornaments
    Emphasis of horizontal planes and massing
    Flat and broad roofs
    Big, open interior spaces
    Emphasis of natural light through glass
    Abstract in a way