Lecrae in church

The Anomaly - Lecrae's Ascension to Stardom

  • Birth

    Lecrae was born in Houston, Texas.
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    Dad Left the Family

    Lecrae's father left him and his mom when Lecrae was very young. Lecrae cites not having a father present as one of the things that started his involvement in some bad choices.
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    Searching for Life

    Lecrae followed his uncle's lifestyle of gangs, drugs, promiscuity, and violence. He searched for fulfillment and sense of manhood in these things, but he was stil left unfulfilled. Then, he got caught trespassing and in possession of drugs. As he sat in the back of the police car, waiting to go to jail, the officer found a Bible that Lecrae kept as a good luck charm sitting in the back seat of Lecrae's car. The officer let him go, telling him to "get into" the Bible and "start living it."
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    Taking the police officer's advice, Lecrae attended a conference where he heard the message of the Gospel. He repented and realized his wrongs, but continued to live a life similar to what he had before. Then, in 1999, he got in a bad car accident. His car flipped, windshield broke, he wasn't wearing a seatbelt - yet he walked away without a scratch. It was then that he realized that he needed to turn his life around completely, and he made a full commitment to follow and serve Jesus.
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    Start to Career

    Lecrae then realized he could blend his talents as a rapper with his passions as a newly born Christian. He volunteered at a juvenile detention center for a few years, preaching and rapping the good news of Jesus. Then he joined forces with some like-minded people and formed Reach Records. Soon, he would release his first album and begin his rise to stardom.
  • Real Talk Released

    Real Talk Released
    Lecrae's first album peaked at 29 on the Billboard Gospel Albums chart.
  • After the Music Stops Released

    After the Music Stops Released
    Reached #5 on the Billboard Gospel Album chart.
  • Rebel Released

    Rebel Released
    Reached #1 on the Billboard Gospel Albums chart, #60 on Billboard Top 200.
  • Rehab Released

    Rehab Released
    Reached #16 on Billboard Top 200.
  • Gravity Released

    Gravity Released
    Reached #3 on Billboard Top 200, #1 on Billboard Gospel Albums chart, and earned Best Gospel Album Grammy.
  • Anomaly Released

    Anomaly Released
    Anomaly: The Definition Lecrae's biggest album yet reached #1 on both the Billboard Gospel Album chart and Billboard Top 200, becoming the first album in history to do so.