The Animation of Jurassic Park

  • Scene setup

    Scene setup
    They shot the scene before they added the animation. they used robots and special effects to create the physical elements to affect the enviroment in the video for the animated dinasuars.
  • Period: to

    the creation of the animation

  • The start of the Animation

    At the start of the animation they created the areas were there wasn't a robot dinosuar. They found this to be very difficult.
  • Moving the Model

    They transferred the information from moving a physical animatronic dinosaur doll into the computer to affect the wireframe.
  • Texturing the Clay Models

    Texturing the Clay Models
    They take the clay models and add a texture to them digitally.
  • T-Rex Animation

    T-Rex Animation
    First they created the part for the T-Rex. They had to affect the envviroment, such as the fence moving and splashing the water where the animated T-Rex would be. When the car flipped over they also animated the Car along with the Rex while it was stepping onto the car crushing it :D
  • Multiple Gallimimus' Shot with moving camera.

    Multiple Gallimimus' Shot with moving camera.
    They needed to create the model of a running Gallimimus. Then making multiple of them running on the landscape and put them in a program to set each one to have their own unique movements around the group of people in that enviroment. Collaborating with the eye sight of the humans in the video.
  • Sound

    Recorded sound everywhere and anywhere they could find anything. The sounds for the Raptors was used with a Dolphin screech andf a walrus shout. Then the sounds were applied to the movie.
  • Published

    The animations were polished, edited and published.