The Amistad

  • What Started It All

    Slave ship Tecora leaves Lomboko, West Africa with hundreds of Africans.
  • Arrival in Cuba

    Tecora arrives in Havana, Cuba. Jose Ruiz buys 49 adult males, paying $450 for each; Pedro Montez buys four children, 3 girls and 1 boy. The African men and children are loaded aboard La Amistad.
  • Setting Sail

    La Amistad sets sail for Puerto Principe, at the other end of Cuba, with the 53 Africans, Montez, Ruiz, and a crew of 5.
  • Revolution at Sea

    The Africans revolt and seize control of La Amistad. The Africans keep Montez and Ruiz alive so that they can sail the ship to Africa. The ship sails east during the day and west at night, zig-zagging up the coast to Montauk Point in Long Island, NY.
  • Siezed

    La Amistad is towed from NY to New London, CT after being seized by USS Washington. The Africans are taken to jail in New Haven, CT.
  • The Lower Courts

    After a series of trials in the lower courts, Justice Story delivers the Supreme Court’s decision, affirming the African’s freedom.
  • Returning Home

    The 35 African survivors, along with American missionaries, depart New York for Africa aboard the Gentleman.
  • Home At Last

    Gentleman arrives in Sierra Leone