The American West Timeline Project

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  • Bureau of Indian Affairs

    Formed March 11, 1824
  • Indian Removal Act

    Allowed the president to negotiate with indian tribes, also alloweed for western indians to be moved to reservations.
  • Indian Appropriations Act

    Allowed funds to remove western indians to reservations. Reservations were supposibly to "protect" indian natives.
  • Yosemite National Park

    First inhabited by Indians, Relocated in the 1850's to make the national park.
  • Billy the Kid

    Also called William H. Bonney. Became a frontier outlaw in the 1800's.
  • Homestead acts

    Acts that allowed homeowners to purchase western land in mass amounts for low prices.
  • Little Crow's War

    Also called the Souix Uprising. War between eastern Souix and United States
  • Cheyenne Uprising

    An attack from Cheyenne indians on reservations. Mainly for food due to starvation.
  • Sand Creek Massacre

    An attack on the Cheyenne at Sand Creek reservation. Said to be a punishment for the Cheyenne uprising
  • Red Cloud's War

    A war between three Inidan tribes. Started near the area that is now Wyoming
  • Fetterman Massacre

    Also known as the Fetterman Fight. Was considered the worst military disaster of the U.S. at that time
  • Treaty of Fort Laramie

    Also called the Sioux Treaty of 1868. Agreement between the United States and bands of Lakota people
  • Completion of the first Transcontinental Railroad

    The first railroad to connect east and west states. It was considered a great expansion to the modern revolution.
  • Camp Grant Arizona Apache Massacre

    Attack on Apaches at Camp Grant, Arizona. Led to a series of battles between Apache and Americans.
  • Bill Cody's Wild West Show

    A show made about western expansion and the settling of the west.
  • The Lakota War

    A war between indian tribes and the United States. Little Bighorn being an infamous battle in this war
  • Battle Of Little Bighorn

    Also refered to as Custer's Last Stand. An attack lead by George Armstrong Custer.
  • Dead Man's Hand

    A combination of poker cards. Coined after the shooting of James Butler Hickok when he was shot while holding said hand
  • Desert Land Act

    Act passed to encourage settlement of desert lands. Was considered an ammendment to the Homestead act
  • The Capture of Nez Perce

    Took place during a war between the indians and the Americans.
  • Pratt Boarding School

    The first off reservation Indian boarding school. Foudned by Richard Henry Pratt
  • A Century of Dishonor

    Chronicles experience of Native Americans in the United States
  • Capture of Geronimo

    The capture of an Apache indian leader. He was considered a U.S. prisoner of war.
  • Dawes Act

    Dawes Act
    Alloted the President to divide Native American land in portions in which they can live, reservations. Approved February 8, 1887
  • Wounded Knee Massacre

    Occured on an indian reservation in South Dakota. Was meant to disarm a Lakota attack, but lead to a massacre
  • Forest Reserve Acr

    Sets forests aside from public domain. Passed under Benjamin Harrison's term as president.
  • Turner Thesis

    An argument advanced by Frederick Jackson Turner. It was formed by the american frontier
  • Carey Act

    Allowed builds of irrigation in wester states. These being run by private compaines for private profit.