The american Revolution

By shelby9
  • nathaniel Bacon

    Nathaniel Bacon led a group of citizens from the western part of virgina to the eastward in search of justice
  • Yale college founded

    It was founded in new haven in an attempt to retain old calvanist ideas
  • Church of england

    the attempt failed so the entire facuality converted to the church of England
  • Religous revival

    religous revivals swept through the British American colines
  • george washington

    George Washington was born in Virginia in 1732 to a wealthy plantation owner. Of all the subjects he studied, he loved math the most.
  • Zenger accused of Libel

    John peter zenger was accused of libel wich is publishing information opposed to the goverment.
  • Boston Harbor

    it was home to a colonial merchant fleet.
  • french and indian war

    the fourth global struggle between the french and the british
  • The British Policy

    They passed laws regulating colonial trade, but they knew they could not easily enforce them
  • Paxon boys

    In pennsylvania the paxon boys marched in Philedelphia to protest about quakers friendly american policy
  • The angry farmers

    They took up arms when the courts ruled in favor of the land baron.
  • The sugar act

    You had to pay a tax on molasses from the west indies, silk from china, and a few colonial products like wale fins
  • Stamp act

    required stamps to be purchased and placed on newspapers, pamphlets, legal documents, and playing cards.
  • Period: to

    Big Bad outlaws

    outlaws roamed the colonies holding farmers at their mercy
  • Boston massacare

    patriots antagonized british troops who were quarted in Boston.
  • Boston tea party

    It was a protest against the tea act. Colonists dressed as Indians and dumped British tea into Boston harbor.
  • tea act

    it would launch the final spark to the revolutianary movement. it did not impose no new taxes. british put a tax on tea so the colonial company couldnt sell tea.
  • the intolerable acts

    Part bill
    Government act
    New quartering act
    Administration of justice act
  • french and indian war

    A struggle between the british and french