The American Revolution

By tmckay
  • Nathaniel Bacon

    Nathaniel Bacon led a group of citizens from the western part of Virginia to the eastward, in search of justice.
  • French

    France was the dominant power on the European continent
  • Yale college

    It was founded by Harvard Minesters in New Haven
  • Church of England

    The attept of creatind yale failed and so the people converted into the Church or England
  • Religious reviel

    a religious revival swept through the British American colonies.
  • Geogr Washington

    George Washington was born in Virginia to a wealthy owner. His favorite subject that he studied was math.
  • The Trial of John Peter Zenger

    He was accused of libel which was when you published information that was opposed to the government
  • Boston Harbor

    it was home to a successful colonial merchant fleet
  • Period: to

    The french and indian war.

    The british soldiers and the french soldiers fought against each other, and the Native Americans. The british people wanted to take the fench's land.The Native Americans joined the frenchs side against the british because they were afraid the british would take over their land.
  • During the French and Indian war

    the fourth war of the global struggle between England and France began
  • The British Policy

    They passed laws regulating colonial trade, but they couldn't enforce them easily.
  • The treaty of Paris

    they lost France and all French territory on the mainland were lost.
  • Period: to

    The colonists

    They felt that they were taxed unfairly, watched over the people like stalkers, and ignored their attepts to address grievences. This was all because of the great britain.
  • Paxon Boys

    In Pennsylvania, the Paxon Boys Marched in Philedelphia to protest about Quakers' friendly Native American policy.
  • The Sugar act

    The king taxed silks from china, european wines, and some colonia products like whale fins & mollases.
  • Period: to

    Big Bad Outlaws

    The farmers were held by roaming outlaws, at their mercy
  • The stamp act

    Every newspaper, pamphlet, and other public and legal document had to have a Stamp
  • The Angry Farmers

    they took up arms when the courts ruled in favor of the land baron.
  • Boston Massacre

    Patrients antagonized British troopps, who were quarted in Boston.
  • The Tea Act

    It would launch the final spark to the revolutionary movement. It did not impose no new taxes. It was Act of the Parliament of Great Britain. The British companies would tax tea at this time, so the colonial people couldn't really buy it.
  • The intolerable

    part bill
    government act
    New quartering act