The Age of Democratic Reform and Activism

  • Reform Bill of 1832

    Reform Bill of 1832
    This was a law passed in order to loosen up property requirements so that middle class men could have the right to vote
  • The Victorian Age

    The Victorian Age
    Queen Victoria takes the throne, to be queen for 64 years, one of the longest reigns ever
  • The People's Charter

    The People's Charter
    A petition calling for the right to vote for all men and for annual Parliamentary elections. Another key aspect of this petition was asking for votes to be private, so one would not feel pressured to vote a certain way.
  • Cholera Rampage

    Cholera Rampage
    A Cholera epedemic kills thousands of Britains
  • Commune Takes Control

    A radical government known as the Paris Commune rioted in the streets of Paris, causing thousands of deaths and injuries
  • Chartists Demands Met

    Chartists Demands Met
    The process was slow, but by 1884, nearly every man in Great Britain had the right to vote
  • Women's Social and Political Union

    Women's Social and Political Union
    Founded by Emmeline Pankhurst, the WSPU worked towards woman's suffrage awareness. After countless women worked towards suffrage in a peaceful manner, WSPU took more drastic measures